Course Information and Enrolment

The program of classes and activities for 2021 is now available. Click on the links below:

Note that both New Members and Renewing Members you are required to submit a completed Membership Form 2021 and pay the membership fees before the enrolment form can be processed.

There is a wide range of courses available to members. Whichever courses you choose, you will be welcomed and you are sure to find the course activities enjoyable and stimulating. The “good news”: Members are entitled to enrol in as many courses as they wish during the year, provided that there are vacancies.

Our Birds of the Hawkesbury group, led by Ken Fraser, on a field trip

At Hawkesbury U3A, we operate on a full-year basis. This means that courses run for the entire year from February and November, except for a few exceptions noted in the course list. All but a few courses operate through school vacation periods.

If you have a special interest or particular skills that you think may make an interesting course or activity for U3A, please call into the office and talk with us about it. This is how many of our new courses get established.